Snug Play for Kids Playgrounds

A unique, interactive and inclusive team building play experience designed for children of all ages to enjoy both indoors and out!

What makes Snug Play so special?

Because Snug Play is open-ended and movable, children are inspired to work together in an active environment that empowers them to create their own play space. It encourages cooperation and communication as they use their imaginations in a collective effort to build their next adventure.
Snug Play How it Works
The versatility of Snug Play is as valuable as it's developmental benefits, as it enables them to create play anywhere, during all seasons, and among all age groups.

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Snug Play motivates children to engage in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, whether it's creating an obstacle course or moving pieces across a play space.










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No Installation.

Snug Play saves time and avoids installation costs through its modular design.

Use inside or outside



Easy to handle.

Easy to store.

Great for Physical & Creative Activity!

Promotes Teamwork & Inclusive Play!

An Amazing Experience for All Ages!

The Elements

Perfect for jumping off, bouncing, rocking, and spinning. The Bump can be used to create pathways or linked to other elements using Noodles.
The Cog can be stacked, linked, or connected to other Snug elements to create pathways and tunnels for continuous, active play.
Versatile for multiple uses, the Wall can be used horizontally and vertically, creating numerous types of imaginative and active play spaces.
Offering unlimited creative possibilities, the Noodle can be used for connecting and building.
The Cone provides a meeting point and introduces a vertical structure to the play space. It can be run around, hidden behind, or turned horizontally for building.
Created with two distinct sides, a softer waved surface and a rigid flat side. Together they can be used to create platforms, pathways, lounging areas and walls.
Perfect for combining with other elements, the Pad provides a robust but soft base for the Spider, as well as a roof for the Loop or Walls.
The Spider can be used to create shapes or plugged into other elements including the Pad, to create the feeling of a structure.
Helps children experience different levels and terrains. The Mound dramatically transforms your play area's landscape.
Made of modular pieces, the Loop can be used to construct curved play structures, encouraging balancing games, socialization, and creativity.
The Storage Unit holds elements in a lockable frame that can be used indoors or out.*

Snug Play systems have been specifically configured with the ideal ratio of Snug Play elements. Each system size is based on the amount of space available and the number of children playing at one time.

Once you have purchased a Snug Play system, additional elements can be purchased as needed. The average space needed indicates the amount of space that will allow for the Snug elements to be moved and manipulated, but the versatility of the kits allow them to be used in any space.

the Expert system

engages the largest number of children and includes the important elements of the Mound and Compact Loop, which are used in a variety of ways for children from Pre K to Upper Elementary. It's the ideal system for the full Snug Play experience.

Average Capacity: 50-65 Children
Average Space Needed: 40' x 40' / 1,600 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 1,242 lbs.


the Advanced system

offers a substantial quantity of the Snug Play elements, but takes up less space with a smaller Loop Ring and does not include the Mound.

Average Capacity: 40-50 Children
Average Space Needed: 35' x 35' / 1,255 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 615 lbs.


the Intermediate system

is ideal where there is less space available and when fewer children will be playing together at one time.

Average Capacity: 20-35 Children
Average Space Needed: 25' x 25' / 625 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 500 lbs.


the Elementary system

includes a variety of Snug Play pieces that can be used to enhance learning experiences in any small setting.

Average Capacity: 15-30 Children
Average Space Needed: 15' x 15' / 225 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 297 lbs.


the Primary system

provides a modest number of Snug Play pieces that introduces children to the concept of loose parts play in a compact setting.

Average Capacity: 10-20 Children
Average Space Needed: 12' x 12' / 144 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 161 lbs.


the Learner system

ideal introductory system providing infant and toddlers access to loose parts play where they can explore on a soft, comfortable surface.

Average Capacity: 10-15 Children
Average Space Needed: 11' x 11' / 121 sq.ft.
Approximate Weight: 170 lbs.


the Storage Unit *

The Storage Unit holds elements in a lockable frame that can be used indoors or out. The Mound, Loop, and Cone are designed to be left in the play space while smaller elements are stored. It is a good idea to develop a system for putting Snug Play away at the end of the day using students, maintenance staff, or play facilitators.

*optional for all kits.


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