Merchant Processing

Merchant Processing

There are a number of merchant services options out there, but most of them charge high fees or might include hidden or unnecessary fees, and then they provide you with confusing statements that make it difficult to understand what any of those fees are for. We want to simplify this for you with transparent statements and no hidden fees, and provide you with the opportunity to retain more of your tuition dues by offering processing fees that make sense! Let us show you how!

How we can help

With a simple free analysis of your current tuition processing, we can offer suggestions that will save you both time and money. Our merchant processing experts have a number of time-saving solutions to help you process the payments that you receive from your families. Additionally, we know that you work hard for every dollar that you make running your center, so we work hard to keep your processing costs as low as possible.

We understand the importance of having solid software applications in place to manage your day to day business, so our merchant processing infrastructure is designed with that in mind, and we have the capabilities to have seamless integration with many of the software programs designed for early education management. We will also provide you with complete turnkey implementation, ongoing guidance and round the clock support. And although we have cut costs, we have not cut any corners. Our trusted secure payment gateway systems will provide you comfort in knowing that and all of your tuition transactions will be processed in a secure and timely manner.

Allow us to perform a free assessment of your current tuition processing systems, and provide you with cost-cutting, high-quality solutions. Please complete the Merchant Services Analysis Request Form and provide us with as much information that you have readily available. Our specialist will start their analysis right away. If you are able to include 2-3 months of your most recent merchant processing statements, this will help expedite the process, and your Merchant Services Specialist might be able to start presenting you with solutions during your very first phone call.

If you have any questions, or would just like additional information about this service, click the Purchasing Assistance button below, and your Sourcing Specialist will get in touch with you shortly. We are looking forward to working with you!


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