Sit, Sleep & Store

Comfortable classroom furnishings that store nap mats and cots, plus other nap time accessories like sheets and blankets.



Sit, Sleep & Store is uniquely designed soft surface furnishings perfectly designed specifically for the early education classroom environment. Whether you use cots or mats, you can conveniently store them right in your classroom without losing any of your licensed space, while also creating a comfortable soft seating educational environment for your children, and teachers too! And with such a large amount of design and color options, each system can be built to fit the specific needs of your classroom.



Sit, Sleep & Store systems are soft surface couches and tables that are designed with comfort in mind, and crafted from durable, long-lasting and easy to clean CPSIA Certified materials. Each cover is hand tailored to fit either SpaceLine Cots or standard two-inch-thick foam mats, will have a storage capacity of either 4, 5 or 6 of the chosen sleeping surface elements, and can be built to store either preschool or toddler sizes. Area dimensions are as follows:

Preschool Mats - 48"x24"
Toddler Mats - 36"x24"

Preschool Cots - 54"x22"
Toddler Cots - 43"x22"

Sit, Sleep and Store mats sleep systems Sit, Sleep and Store cots sleep systems


How To Design Your Sit, Sleep & Store

  1. Start by selecting Cots or Mats
  2. Choose Preschool or Toddler Size
  3. Choose the sleeping surface color or style
  4. Select your storage capacity
  5. Select Couch or Table
  6. Choose your cover color
  7. Verify your design, select the quantity, and add it to your cart

You may continue to add as many Sit, Sleep & Store systems to your cart, and when you are ready to submit your quote request, just click the button at the bottom of your cart. Your Sourcing Specialist will review your order and submit it to you for your review and approval when it is ready. If you would like someone to assist you with system configuration and/or room design, please click the Purchasing Assistance link, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Configure Your Sleep System

Add Accessories

Fitted Sheets & Blankets

Our nap time accessories collection includes high-quality American made organic poly/cotton blend fitted sheets that offer a soft inviting comfort, are professionally hand sewn to provide long-lasting durability, and feature a perfect fit design for our line of mats and cots, and our blankets are crafted from 100% organic soft cotton to provide that extra layer of warmth during rest time. All items are machine washable and dryable. Select the quantity of each item below to add them to your cart.

Preschool Cot Sheets

Toddler Cot Sheets

Preschool Mat Sheets

Toddler Mat Sheets

Organic Rest Blanket

Sit, Sleep & Store Configuration

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